WP Design – Furniture

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WP | The Inaugural Collection by Watson & Partner

A contemporary furniture collection of luxurious pieces, inspired by mid-century modern Europe and America


"Now is the time to create something new"

Andrew and Tarhata Watson

"Inspired by tradition, masterfully crafted
with everything nature has to offer."

Selected hand-painted Églomisé, gently curved sofas, walnut timber frames, upholstery coated in eco-friendly chenille and soft velvet... these are just a few things that await you in the land of luxurious, heritage, and environmental-friendly crafted furniture. We are proud of our new collection named after two beautiful cities in Italy and Portugal - a commemoration of the love of life, style and quality.

WP Originals

Mid-Century Modern Europe, Nostalgia and a piece of Retro.
Dive into the future past.