“Now is the time to create something new…”
Andrew & Tarhata Watson, Founders

“Good design is as little design as possible.”

Dieter Rams, Industrial Designer


… of Eglomis√© and Terrazzo Coffee & Dining Tables, along with exclusive hand painted mirrors.

Alt Collective is proud to announce its first collaborative cross market collection with leading designers and artisans.

Designed for the premium hospitality and commercial space environment, frequented by the discerning, it is inspired by furniture designers and architects of the early 20th century.

“Alt” = “alternative”
“Collective” = “a group of people”

Who We Are

At Alt Collective we are an alternative group of people looking to create something different within the hospitality industry.

As a young company, but with years of industry experience, we love to develop aesthetically beautiful, comfortable and practical pieces of hospitality furniture.

The foundation of Alt Collective is to collaborate with creatives known to excel in their field. To produce unique collections of furniture that will enhance any hospitality environment.

Our goal is to pass this collaborative spirit to our clients and projects worldwide.

Our Offering

The Alt Collective range has been designed for the premium hospitality market and commercial environments to provide standard but flexible pieces, that:

  • allow for a wide range of choice
  • at a competitive price
  • for a premium product
  • for premium projects.

The Alt Collective furniture and art collections are targeted for those projects, where a premium design product is required but the budget and/or lead time for the development of a bespoke piece is not available.

A customizable off the shelf approach allowing for modifications without impacting lead times.

This makes the Alt Collective offering unique, targeting those premium projects with a limited timeline and/or restricted budget for completely new bespoke furniture and artwork pieces.

Who We Work With

Our launch collection has been developed in association with interior designers Christopher Lees and Kerry Franses, working with international specialist finishes company DKT Artworks and bespoke terrazzo and stone manufacturer Diespeker & Co.

“To every age its art, to every art its freedom.”
Motto of the Viennese Secessionists

Holding image bedsidetable

Bedside tables

Holding image

Sofas & Chairs


A small selection of Consoles, Artworks, Sofas and Chairs designed by leading artisans and designers.

To be launched beginning 2020

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